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Songs from the Suburbs - Vol 3
(The Journey)

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Lost Soul from the Suburbs

Hang Out Your Soul

Cold Town




The third volume of the ‘Songs from the Suburbs’ series of E.P’s is a concept album.

It tells the story of a man who has become unsatisfied with life and has turned to drink as a way of forgetting about his unfulfilled hopes and desires. He releases that the persona he has created for himself is a lie and he yearns to search for a deeper meaning for his exsistence

One lonely night he falls into a drunken sleep in which he experiences a spiritual moment. Upon wakening he is inspired to to find a way to recapture that fleeting moment and sets out upon on a spiritual journey using meditation to aid his quest.

As he travels further into the journey he can’t help but recognize all the other unenlightened souls around him, and wonders if they will ever join the path that offered him salvation.

This album switches perspectives frequently:
A Lost Soul from the Suburbs’ is told from a 2
nd person perspective; as the narrator introduces the protagonist of the story.

Hang Out Your Soul’ is told from the 3
rd person perspective, and can be seen as a critique of the protagonist.

The rest of the tracks switch to 1
st person perspective as we become the protagonist, and travel with him on  his journey. In the final track ‘Stasis’ the protagonist empathises with the suffering of others, and realising the interconnection with his fellow humans the ‘I’ swtiches to ‘we’.

                                        Inspired by Eckhart Tolle     Introduction to his book ‘The Power of Now